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Round Table Discussion - Mental Health


Recorded discussion from the CloudMind team about the challenges surrounding mental health faced by young people today. The group were given several topics as a jumping off point. Click on the play icon below to listen to their views and opinions.


Real Life Stories




my name is Kayla and I am 17 years old. I took part in the Rickshaw Challenge along with 5 others from across the U.K. with all inspirational stories. We cycled 423 miles across the U.K. while telling our stories to inspire others.

My story is that I grew up with an alcoholic mother and a disabled father. Under the circumstances I had to move in with my Grandad. As I grew older I learnt that it is nothing to be afraid or scared of. I understood that I am not to blame and my Mum and Dad will always love me.

Last year in January my Mum died, leaving me and my one year old sister behind. It was hard, but I know she is here with us and I can't wait to tell her all about her amazing, strong Mammy.


Listen to Podcast #002 from the CloudMind Team where they discuss and raise awareness about some of the issues facing young people regarding Sexual Health. Scroll below to find a range of local organisations who offer advise and support.

This podcast reflects the personal opinions and experiences of the Cloudmind participants. If you are affected by anything that you hear in the podcast or require expert advice and information 

please visit 

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